Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy (Islamic) New Year

I have previously remarked about the imbalance between the number of public holidays we were able to enjoy in Hong Kong (17 in a good year) and the more limited number we have in the Middle East. However, this month (if one includes the beginning of December) we will have three – the Eid holiday, the Islamic New Year and then the UAE National Day. Tomorrow is the Islamic New Year holiday and so we are planning on what to do over the long weekend. In Dubai, the entertainment options at this time of year are wide. In addition to the usual Mall/Water Park/cafes etc. options, there is the great outdoors. We live right next door to the fantastic Al Safa Park – a real oasis of green which is more akin to an English Park then anything you would expect to see in the desert. We are also a 5 minute drive to the beach and even at this time of year the water is still warm enough to swim in without any discomfort. We are also seeing the ballet on Friday (Sleeping Beauty) so there is a real juxtaposition of the “Christmassy” events and taking advantage of the winter sun. I am every much looking forward to it.

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