Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We don't need no education...

Before heading to AD on Friday I took my regular Friday morning class. This is an entirely new departure for me which I started in September and to honest tends to be something of an exercise in crowd control with around 30/40 9/10 year olds and a couple of assistants (only one on Friday unfortunately). It is hard work particularly keeping their attention for an hour although good fun particular when the kids start to engage with whatever we happen to be discussing. We got onto the subject of favourite pictures and what they might mean. One of the children said that there favourite picture was a the Mona Lisa which sparked quite an interesting debate about why it was so famous – they were all quite taken aback when I mentioned that one of the things it was famous for (apart for the fact that Leonardo Da Vinci painted it and its cost….) was that if you were walking back and forth in front of it when viewing it in the Louvre, its eyes seem to follow you. They loved that idea (one of the children even asking where the gallery was so he could go and see it. Unfortunately Paris does not make an easy day trip but may be when they build the second Louvre in Abu Dhabi may be they will lend it to them..). One of the other favourite pictures was “the Scream”. Again, it was quite interesting to see how many of the other kids were aware of this picture and also what they thought that it meant (mainly that the subject was a bit unhappy…). Anyway, quite a challenging morning so good to relax on a beach in Abu Dhabi for the rest of the weekend.

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