Sunday, November 22, 2015

You've been framed

From my office window I have views over towards the Trade Centre Roundabout and Zabeel Park where one of the more interesting architectural developments has been taking shape. This is the "Frame" which as far as I can make out is a square shaped structure comprising two narrow towers joined at the top by what looks like a high-level bridge. Apparently the idea is that if you are looking from old Dubai towards the Sheikh Zayad Road and "new" Dubai you will have the gleaming skyscrapers and the Burg Khalifa presented in a picture postcard frame and likewise if you are looking from the "new" Dubai side you will see Bur Dubai and its environs similarly pictured. I also understand that the bridge will have a glass floor so when you are walking from one tower tot he other you will be able to see the ground beneath your feet- sounds terrifying!.

Dubai has always been a place for the new - but generally it goes for bigger (towers, malls, ferris wheels, roads etc.). The Frame is however something I have never rally come across before and so it will be interesting to see whether this bit of Dubai innovation will catch on in other cities.

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