Monday, November 16, 2015

Seasons of mist

One of things that we do not get in Dubai is clearly delineated seasons - it is either very hot (during the Summer months - May - September but particularly hot in June/July/August) or nice and warm (roughly October through to April) and the seasons tend to merge into each other. This time of year is generally lovely - although while I was away last week in Seoul in apparently rained (there were definitely puddles around the place when I got home on account of the almost complete absence of drainage). However, it was only during our recent visit back to the UK and my trip to Korea last week that it really brought home to me how much I miss the shades of Autumn - both England and Korea were a riot of colour as the leaves ranged from golden brown to deepest red (although I was told that in UK only 4% of tree leaves are in fact red - will need to check that). Nothing really beats a clear, crisp November day with piles of leaves under foot just ready to be kicked! Obviously I don't really miss everything that goes with it - the raking of the lawn to clear the dead leaves and the dank drizzly days with bare trees that follow but on the whole it is nice to have the opportunity to see Autumn at its best and then have the option to move back to the warmer climes of the Middle East - the best of both worlds!

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