Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday in Safa

A beautiful autumnal day with the temperature in the early thirties, the sun shining and the sky clear. Em and A. went off to their Spanish class this morning and so V and I had a lazy morning. Brunch was at Shakespeares as Em and I caught up on the weeks events. The afternoon was a mix of intensive piano practice with A. in advance of tomorrow's exam including a good session on the aural exam which taught us both some interesting facts about major and minor chords...

Today was also the day I decided to prepare the bikes for our winter cycling activities. I probably have the most awkward bicycle pump known to man. It has an attachment nozzle which is so sensitive that it will fall off or let the air out of a fully pumped tyre as soon as you look at it. So cleaning and preparing the bikes was perhaps slightly more stressful than I should have been although the kids helped with the cleaning- in fact A. cleaned his Mothers bike under a a slight misapprehension that it was his own - as I said to him it was the thought that counts ( and they do look a bit similar!

We then went on a very pleasant ride around Al Safa and ended up in the little park where we had a game a football against another family and the back in time for Dina's speciality BBQ spare ribs preceded by final piano practice before tomorrow.

I then had time to watch England beat South Africa to bring to a close a very satisfactory Saturday.

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