Wednesday, November 23, 2016

10000 a Day

Not words but steps. As mentioned in an earlier post, the default mode for a daily step target on my Fitbit us 100000. Based on an average stride of around 1m that in theory means a 10km walk per day if I hit the target which I have just about managed to do over the last couple of weeks(coinciding with the less strenuous but equally testing post per day challenge). Quite apart from the difficulties of so arranging my day to give a least an outside chance of achieving that number- and it is not a particularly easy given by sloth like nature and sedentary lifestyle- requiring planned lunchtime and evening jaunts on shanks pony - 10km a day sounds quite a long way (although during my lunchtime walk today I encountered a flock of peacocks feasting nonchalantly on the roadside which is very Dubai so it is not all hardship). I hope to keep this up until we go to UK for Christmas so wish me luck!

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