Sunday, November 20, 2016

For whom the bell tolls

After a number of years of good and faithful service my IPhone (a 4S for connoisseurs) has finally expired after an unscheduled bath in a rucksack during one of our walks last week. Fortunately it lasted long enough for the IT department at work to download all the relevant data, contacts, photos etc. So I made the trip to Dubai Mall (by metro - my second time since it was opened....) to purchase the latest IPhone mobile telephonic device which is no less than 3 versions up from my last phone (which various colleagues have suggested shows that my last phone should have been in a museum rather than in use....).

Whilst it is all very whizzy the one thing which neither I or the IT department or my son can yet make it do is to persuade it to ring when I have an incoming call. To some this might be regarded as a disadvantage. I am undecided on the issue and will give it a little more time to sort itself out.

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