Friday, November 18, 2016

Magical Beasts.......

Another busy day in Al Safa. Having picked up my Father from the airport last night we launched ourselves into a Winter season of visitors and fun with JG joining us next weekend and P an L - old friends from HK days also visiting us from Zurick just before their move to London.

I had an early start today with a walk around the block in an attempt to maintain my 100% record this week of 10,000 per day. This was followed by Church School and then a trip to the cinema for to watch the new JK Rowling film after which this blog post is named.

Although V and E bailed out shortly before the end when it got quite scary it was a very engaging film. Very much in the HP tradition although probably aimed at an older audience. There were some very funny set pieces as well as some serious messages and everybody enjoyed the spectacle.

After a trip to Spinneys to pick up some food for our Friday night BBQ we enjoyed some prawns, sausages and quizzing although England's cricketers contrived to put a slight dampener on the evening in the test match against India.

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