Monday, November 14, 2016

Piano confusion

The more eagle-eyed of you will have spotted that A. has been preparing for his piano exam over recent weeks (Grade 3) and has been busily practising the various pieces, exercises, scales/arpeggios and aural/Musical knowledge sections of the syllabus (and I have been swotting up on my rather ancient musical knowledge to try to help).

The exam was yesterday and A. had been very diligent in his preparations - no mean feat given how packed his schedule is with school work, ECA's etc. There aw therefore a great deal of consternation yesterday afternoon after he arrived at the exam venue only to find that, whilst the time and venue were correct, his teacher had in fact entered him for the Grade 3 exam of a different exam board - he had been practising pieces for the Trinity exam whereas the examiner was from ABRSM!

They let him play the pieces (I think one of them may have overlapped with the ABRSM syllabus) and he went through the scales/arpeggios and the aural exam (again one or two parts overlapped between the two music boards). Unfortunately there was no musical knowledge section - only sight reading which he had not prepared for this time (he did it for Grade 2 last year) - Trinity make it one of 4 options whereas ABRSM seem to make it compulsory.

Despite the rather disconcerting turn that events took for him yesterday afternoon, A. did not seem to be too downhearted - probably relieved that he would not have to put up with my nagging any more to practice! We will have to wait and see whether ABRSM allow the examiner to take into account the pieces he had prepared. It is obviously very frustrating that this has happened and we are keeping our fingers crossed that everything works out OK and he does not end up having to do it all over again.

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