Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remember, remember...

Well I did not manage a post a day. However, my excuse is that I was away from internet access during our sojourn in RAK. Unlike the rest of the world, UAE has still not bought into the notion that free wi-fi internet access should be reasonably widely available. Instead there are one or two coffee shops and hotel lobbys where it is available for free in the UAE but mostly you have to pay for it.

During the fireworks weekend we were staying at the Cove Rotana in RAK. It is in a great location perched on a hill overlooking the sea and comprising various rooms and villas forming a little village - with alley ways and greenery. The villas have there own pools and there is a watercourse around the bottom end near the sea. The kids had a great time on the beach, running around like lunatics (to the extent that V. had to have a "quet" day in the room on the Sunday to recover). Rather unexpectedly it started to rain yesterday - putting me in mind of my own holidays in UK where rain was never far away - although at least RAK did not have the frezing wind whipping in off the Atlantic to keep us on our toes! The rain was greeted in today's local papers as a cause for major celebrations and it is certianly the case that we have not seen much rain at all this year (perhaps a light drizzle at the beginning of the year).

On the way back to Dubai we managed a quick look at "Luckys" in Shargar - a little like Horizon Plaza at Ap Lei Chau in HK with warehouses piled high with furniture. E. has had her eye on a couple of pieces ever since visiting with her friend K so was determined to take the opportunity ovef another look. The kids were less enamoured with traipsing around various furntiure warehoueses and had to be bribed ith "Angry Birds" on the Iphone/Ipad.

We had just enough time to stop off for some (welsh) lamb/prawns at Spinneys and by the time we got back home the sun was out again and we were able to have a BBQ to bring the Eid break to a pleasant end.

I am off to London tomorrow on buiness but will try to post beforehand.

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