Sunday, November 20, 2011

Catch up

Oh dear. I have certainly failed on the "post a day" stakes so, in a belated and not terribly convincing attempt to justify my tardiness, I thought that I would explain what has kept me from my posting. Work unfortunatley has been particulaly hectic and included an unexpected trip to London for a couple of days. Whilst this gave me an opportunity to cach up with friends and family it also completely exhausted me! It has taken a week to recover and I am still feeling the effects of the jet-lag - mainly the rather unpleasant return flight where the economy cabin smelt as if it was entirely populated by people with personal hygiene issues. In fact (having switched seats, and then switched rapidly back) it seems the problem was in the air-conditioning system rather than my fellow travelers. It meant however that I got precisley no sleep on the way back and have been playing catch up ever since.

The other notable event of the week was the arrival of my Father for a holiday here. This has meant actioning all the plans that we discussed with him in the Summer including going on a fishing trip and a trip to somewhere "exotic". The fishing trip should be doable but the 'somewhere exotic' part is proving more tricky particulaly with the continuing unrest in the region, my lack of availability to travel long haul due to work committments and the approaching winter season. Oman is favourite at the moment.

Also over the last month a number of our friend's and acquaintances have had some very diffiult times. I think I have previoulsy mentioned how our friend's V and R had to go back to UK for an operation. Some other friend's of ours had to leave the Country very quickly due to some fairly unpleasant work issues and, perhaps most distressingly, the husband of a friend of Es was killed in a road accident. The family are now returning home and of course our thoughts are with them. It certainly gives one pause for thought....

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