Sunday, November 3, 2019

Post RWC Blues

It was probably just as well that I posted by thoughts on the Rugby Cup final before the game yesterday as I was certainly in no mood to do so afterwards! A very disappointing outcome but I do not think the English team and supporters can have any complaints as the better side won (although I guess we were entitled to dream about what might have been after their extraordinary performance against the All Black last weekend….). I was also still recovering from my exertions in the Dubai cycle challenge build up ride on Friday morning so yesterday was a very quiet but nevertheless sports filled day as I have access to all the premiership football on the TV so took full advantage in an effort to numb the disappointment of the rugby. V. and I also caught up a couple of episodes of “The Good Place” which she had been very keen that I watch with her. Still not entirely sure that it is appropriate viewing for a 13 year old but it is a very clever series – I am guessing that she may have already seen some of the later episodes as she keeps dropping in teasers about what is going to happen next and I am looking forward to seeing how the plot develops. For someone who claims that not to watch much TV (except for the sport) I seem to be devoting quite a lot of time to it at the moment and this does not look likely to change in the near future particularly a I have a number of episodes of the Great British Bake Off to catch up on as well. Anyway, will try to move on to less TV and sport related topics for next post.

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