Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas and Christmas Cooking (part 3)

Apologies for the delay in broadcasting, Dad and I have had the lurgy (Dad in particular with a nasty case of bronchitis)and so we have been taking it easy over the last few days. After the excitement of Christmas Day, it was my turn to have a crack at some cooking for our Boxing Day extravaganza and in particular to get to work on our 6Kg turkey. It was very much a Delia themed meal with her directions for the turkey roasting (around 5 hours cooking time), potatoes roasting (including the application of goose fat), the Brandy butter (very tasty but perhaps not quite enough of it), the bread sauce - quite a lot of effort involving cloves pin-wheeled into half an onion but very tasty and the steaming of the pudding. It was quite an afternoon of cooking but worth it in the end for a traditional Christmas style meal although I suspect the family were a little bit tired of turkey after the last few days.....

Boxing day itself was not much to write home about weather-wise in contrast to Christmas so far with the a windy/stormy day although we did manage a little walk in the afternoon - accordingly for the first time in a while we were forced to eat inside.

I also managed a couple of days off and we had a nice time relaxing around the house and managed a few visits down to the beach before back to work for me between Christmas and the New Year. This was the first time I had worked in this period for a number of years and I had forgotten just how quite it could get and I was able to meet up for lunch on the beach with the family during the week to take advantage of the good weather. Unfortunately Dad's incipient bronchitis (a bad cold to start with) started to take hold towards the end of the week. Whilst this did not prevent him from joining us for our Brunch at the Mina Al Salam - we had been there with him earlier last year (2015) and had also been their with K. A during their visit last February and once again it did not disappoint with some fantastic food and drink and a beautiful afternoon - it did get worse and the poor chap has been hacking away ever since and has also managed to crick his neck. I suspect my own invalidity was in part due to my first game of football for nearly 2 months on Saturday (due to a lack of players rather than my own laziness).

Whilst I managed to score 5 goals (and generally have a very enjoyable game with my new luminous orange football boots doing the trick again for me) nevertheless I felt appalling on the Sunday morning and whilst I made it into work then had to spend the next couple of days in bed - but am back to fitness now. Hopefully Dad will make a similar recovery and will be OK for our forthcoming trip to RAK.

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