Sunday, October 4, 2015

Brief Intermission

I was actually doing pretty well on the holiday descriptions (and had even started part 2) before work intervened and I have been up to my ears ever since. I will, hopefully complete the stories of our Summer escapades shortly (and might if I am feeling particularly diligent also recount our skiing adventures in Switzerland in February and our language classes in Granada(!) over Easter (we have been quite busy this year...). However, for today I will content myself with a short update following England's disastrous exit from the RWC last night at the hands of a much superior Australian team. Chelsea also managed to loss yesterday (again) so as sporting weekends go, it has not been a great one. Dad and I were consoling each other on the telephone this morning(obviously about England's loss, he was quite chipper about Chelsea's defeat....) and concluded that at least we saved ourselves heartbreak later on in the competition (not much of a consolation I know!).

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