Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Post Script

Having mentioned my earlier post about bedtime stories for the kids to E., she reminded me that my Father used to tell my Sister and I bedtime stories when we were young which were thematically very similar. It is certainly true that the “Three Caterpillars” owe a significant debt both in terms of plot and characters to my Father’s “Three Rabbits” stories - Trixy, Mixy and Wixy who used to burrow under the fence at the bottom of their garden into the Magic Forest beyond. In the Forest lived Giant Hog, a huge ogre who the Three Rabbits basically spent a lot of time teasing and trying to steal his gold or food and in return Giant Hog spent a great deal of his time chasing after the Rabbits so he could put them in his cooking pot for tea! Usually the story would end with the Three Rabbits escaping from Giant Hog by sliding under the fence back into their garden just in time for their Mother to call them inside for tea. I must ask my Father what inspired these stories!

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